RE: SYSTEMS operates private hosting within two TIER 3 & 4 co-location data centres in the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Heathrow.

The highly secure facilities are protected by 24/7 CCTV monitoring and security staff. Both data centres are serviced with multiple TIER 1 BGP carriers ensuring transparent failover if a carrier or multiple carriers should fail. Power is provided by two 11kV connections fed through separate sub-stations and are backed up with Uninterruptable Power Supplies and multiple diesel generators with over 36 hours fuel supply. Advanced fire detection and suppression is also provided in both data centres. The racks are located in secure and temperature-controlled halls that are monitored 24/7 through automated monitoring systems.

Fully trained and certified data centre staff are available during normal working hours and an on call rota is in operation out of normal working hours. Dell servers provide the hosting solution and are protected through Cisco and/or Juniper industry standard stateful packet inspection firewalls. Servers and firewalls are protected with a four-hour onsite fix by the manufacturer, and connected to monitoring systems that advise RE: SYSTEMS administrators in the event of a failure through email.

The Data Centre has variable bandwidth with a bursting capacity of up to 10Mbit/s, designed to meet the demands of high numbers of concurrent users accessing a variety of sites, systems and rich media. 

Having our own dedicated hosting environment enables us to provide even greater response and support to our clients, as key support personnel have immediate and direct access to the servers, meaning we can respond to support requests in a highly efficient manner