What we do

RE.Systems has been innovating and evolving in the transport sector for over 20 years. As well as pioneering the first global lightweight Air Rail ticketing platform for the Airport Express Alliance, we have also achieved a number of significant firsts, including the first e-ticket for Heathrow Express and the first transactional transport app in the UK. These initiatives gained us a reputation as an early innovator and helped our clients deliver a significant competitive advantage within their sectors.

Alongside the provision of our SaaS Ticketing platform, we're helping drive behavioural change through a customer-centric approach to problem solving; providing a new way of managing corporate account activity; consolidating user accounts through Single Sign-on initiatives; and continually evolving our thoughts to improve the take up, interaction, and engagement with the customer.

To this day, our business continues to adapt to meet the demands of the way we live and move.

Our tried and tested platform has helped our clients provide tickets to and from key UK Airports since the early 2000s. RSP-compatible mobile and E-tickets allow our solution to cohabit alongside national Rail Ticketing platforms and enables our clients to push a wider range of promotional and discounted offers, allowing them to capitalise on the seasonal nature of much of the inbound and outbound leisure travel.

Flexibility is the key to our solution. It can:

  • Be set up and implemented within a very short timeframe.
  • Be embedded with third party sites via an API.
  • Build corporate relationships through its customer account facilities.
  • Sell ancillary bundled products (such as hotels, onward travel solutions and event tickets) as part of a single customer experience.
  • Be delivered through a user interface that is unique to your requirements regardless of the channel.

Whilst we operate mainly within the Rail sector, our platform can sell and fulfil almost any form of travel ticketing requirement.

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Empowering customers to setup and manage their own business account solutions.

Initially designed to look after the needs of large corporates looking to provide better flexibility and keep control of their travel budgets, our solution allows the user to set up their own account hierarchies, enable selected products and set account limits. It works as part of our own ticketing application or as a stand-alone, integrating with external booking applications, and accounts and expenses software.

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To help end users consolidate their online profile and access the range of services through a secure Single Sign-on authentication, we have implemented Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C.

Azure Active Directory B2C provides business-to-customer identity as a service, allowing your customers to use their preferred social, enterprise, or local account identities to get Single Sign-on access to your applications and APIs.

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Our extensive experience in the delivery of intuitive, well-conceived and well executed user interface design helps us deliver a customer-facing experience that is second to none. We invest in a process of constant evolution to allow for feedback and continual improvement.

In addition to this, we are knowledgeable in all levels of systems integration, working with APIs and third-party applications to ensure that what the customer sees on the surface works.

Whether you require a bespoke interface, a safe pair of hands or an understanding of how your applications work and how a customer should engage with them, RE.Systems can help you bridge the gap between the customer and your products.

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Problem-solving through technology. Combining our collective skillsets and experience, we can help you define and build out your requirements from concept through to execution.

We start with WHY, questioning, validating and justifying each and every business case. Only once all parties are satisfied do we move onto the HOW.

As a Microsoft development house, our strength and breadth of knowledge allows us to select the most appropriate technology stack for each and every project.

Whether you have the genesis of an idea or set of fully scoped requirements, we can help you realise your vision.

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Our approach

We are an owner-led team of designers, architects, engineers and managers. Our focus is on the delivery of technical excellence to meet tangible business needs. Understanding the drivers for change, and the real-world commercial parameters our clients have to operate in, informs us of the technical approach we take.

Working in an agile way has allowed us to evolve our own IP as well as those of our clients, to keep abreast of what is happening to commuter habits, shifts in travel patterns as well as disruptive technology trends and key commercial drivers in transport and ticketing, both nationally and internationally.

Some of our clients

National Transport Authority

Setup and configuration of Microsoft Azure ADB2C to enable the NTA to ultimately centralise all customer records into one location whilst capitalizing on the enhance security using Single Sign on and Azure will provide. Our remit was to work with existing card schemes, to successfully migrate accounts whilst enabling new card schemes to join via a REST API. Social sign on was also introduced.

Stansted Express

Provision of end-to-end ticketing system facilitating proactive and reactive promotions and discounts. Allows customers and agents to take advantage of seasonality, commercial tie ins with airlines, hotels and partners via API integration. Significant focus on a streamlined checkout process and incentivisation of booking in advance with ticket delivery to mobile and seamless boarding at the point of travel.

West Midlands Trains

Capitalising on regular commuters between stations on the London North West / West Midlands Trains network and Birmingham Airport / The NEC. The platform and bespoke consumer website was setup and deployed within only a few weeks to provide a discounted option for those regular travellers.


Development of corporate Account Management solution that enable Worldline customers to setup and manage Account credentials, sales and invoicing and ticket type availability for their corporate travel customers. All WebTis transactions purchased are recorded and stored against the customer record to help the customer manage their own internal travel management activity and policies.